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What is Future of Choice?

Future of Choice is an innovative approach to client service that focuses on creating more value for your clients as well as your firm.

Too many firms have tools and products, but not a consistent approach or the know how to identify and convert opportunities for them. The Future of Choice allows a firm to achieve scale and provides teams with the skills to move from the traditional accountant to the trusted business adviser.

This starts with understanding the client's goals for their business and their family, and developing a complete action plan to use these goals to help them achieve their Future of Choice. Adopting this approach means better outcomes for your clients, and allows your firms to identify and benefit from the full value of the client relationship.

Why do you need Future of Choice?

Is your firm struggling to find a point of difference? Are you looking to increase your revenue and profits? Are you looking for a consistent approach that will give your team the tools to operate more autonomously, freeing you up to work on the business? Can you confidently say that you are your clients' trusted adviser?

By adopting the tried and proven Future of Choice approach, your firm will quickly see the following benefits:

  • A consistent approach that saves you time
  • Increased client retention
  • Higher average fee dollar value per client
  • More profits with less demands on partner time
  • Extends the overall lifetime value of your clients
  • A point of difference from your competition
  • More engaged employees
  • Better staff retention
  • More business referrals
  • Better cross-selling opportunities

Guaranteed to improve your business

We are so confident in the Future of Choice that if your firm implements all actions in line with our agreement and the Future of Choice hasn’t returned twice your investment after twelve months, we will refund all fees paid. We will work with you to ensure that you are able to apply Future of Choice in your current client relationships and start seeing some of the immediate benefits of this tried and tested approach.


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Hear what others have to say

I believe that it will add a lot of value to the majority of our clients, from mums and dad right through to our big corporates. It really is going to be part of the future here.

Nicole Peterson, Taxation Partner - PKF Kennedy

I would like to thank you and your staff for the excellent service and attention we have received over the years.

Dave Mace, Newcastle Weighing Services

The discovery session instigated a forum to allow us to prioritise the big picture and freshen up our outlook; positively overlapping both business and personal goals into one future outcome.

Kerry Walters, Managing Director - KWM Media Group